BUG: Sitecore 8.2.7 – TreeList – IncludeItemsForDisplay doesn’t support Guids anymore

A customer of us used a TreeList to display several products. Some products have special access rights, so we have to filter out restricted products and have to use the option “IncludeItemsForDisplay” to show only allowed products. This option was filled by a comma separated list of Guids.

After upgrading to Sitecore 8.2.7 the TreeList doesn’t show the sub items anymore.

Sitecore 8.2.7 TreeList

After contacting Sitecore support the issue was registered as a bug in their bug tracking system:

Issue definition: IncludeItemsForDisplay with ID value doesn’t work in the TreeList DataSource query.
Reference number: 205766

There is a patch available to fix the issue:

To install the patch follow the instructions in the readme file inside the package.

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