Fixing Visual Studio Intellisense in MVC Views

Hi folks,

long time ago since my last post. Hard working all the time to see happy customers with a great experience. šŸ˜‰

But that post is a short one and of course as a clean developer you don’t want to have intellisense problems in your environment within MVC Views!!!

Sean Holmesby figured it out:Ā

But you don’tĀ need all the Configs in the App_Config folder, that’s the core of this post. Always use a less configs in your environment as you can. Sitecore upgrades become harder as more configs you have to upgrade.

So, reduce it to the max, you need:

  • the /Views/web.config
  • the /App_Config/Sitecore.config
  • the /web.config

… in your Visual Studio Project.

When you include the /web.config in your project you will see some more errors because some dll’s are not found. I always referenceĀ all this missing dll’s in my solution because I like the “zero warning policy” šŸ˜‰

HappyĀ configuring